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How to Stake

Staking BETA

  • Visit Omni's Stake page.

  • Click ‘Stake BETA’ to go to the staking action page, or click ‘Buy BETA’ first if your wallet doesn’t contain any BETA.

  • Enter the amount and click 'Stake'.

  • Complete two transactions:

    ‘Approve’: Authorizes the staking contract to access your BETA tokens. Required only once unless approval is revoked.

    ‘Stake BETA’: Confirms the staking transaction. Your BETA tokens will then be staked in the Safety Module and you will receive stkBETA in return.

Claim or Restake Rewards

  • You can claim rewards at any time. To claim rewards, go to the Omni's Stake page.

  • Click 'Claim' in the My Rewards section.

  • Enter the desired amount, and click 'Claim'.

  • Once the transaction is confirmed, rewards will be available in your wallet.

  • You can also restake your BETA rewards to earn additional gains. To restake your BETA rewards, head over to the Omni’s Stake page.

  • Over the My Rewards section select 'Restake'.

  • Input the amount and click on 'Restake'.

  • After the transaction is completed, rewards are restaked in the Safety Module, which might result in a reset of the cooldown period.

Unstake BETA

  • Go to the Omni's Stake page.

  • In the MystkBETA section, click 'Cooldown to Unstake'.

  • Complete ‘Activate Cooldown’ transaction: Needed if the Cooldown hasn't been activated. After activating Cooldown, the screen will show how many days left to the Unstake period, when you can unstake your tokens.


    Cooldown: This is the mandatory waiting time before you can unstake your tokens, set to 14 days. You need to initiate this before unstaking.


    Once the cooldown period ends, you have a 2-day window to unstake. Failing to unstake within this window requires restarting the 14-day cooldown. For example, if you activated the cooldown 14 days and 4 hours ago, you're eligible to unstake. However, if it's been 16 days and 2 hours, you'll need to begin the cooldown period anew.

  • Complete ‘Unstake BETA’ transaction: After 14 days of cooldown, you will enter 2 days of Unstake period to unstake your tokens. After confirming the transaction, Your BETA tokens will return to your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I add stkBETA or stake more BETA while in cooldown period?
    You can stake additional BETA tokens in the Safety Module, which will result in receiving more stkBETA. However, be aware that increasing your stake will also extend your cooldown period, and this extension is proportional to the amount added. Notably, if the increase in your stake is substantial, it will completely reset your cooldown period. Consequently, you will need to reactivate the cooldown before you can proceed with any unstaking.