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Manage Positions

There are two distinct ways to monitor and manage your current positions:

  • Home Page: This page provides a concise overview of each subaccount, displaying deposit and borrow statuses. It facilitates direct actions such as depositing, borrowing, withdrawing, and repaying. The Home Page also features important alerts:

    • Liquidation Alerts: If a position is nearing liquidation, the platform will display warnings, prompting timely action.

    • Expiration Notifications: Tags will indicate if any assets in a subaccount are approaching their expiration date.

    • Collateral Status: The Home Page features a toggle indicating whether collateralization is enabled for the entire subaccount. Additionally, if only specific assets within a subaccount are set as collateral, green check marks will appear on those asset icons to signify their collateralized status.

  • Portfolio Page: For a more detailed analysis, the Portfolio page lists deposits and categorizes them by risk pool. For example, a breakdown might show USDC holdings in both high and medium risk pools. This page allows for comprehensive position management and will include additional section such as Reward status information in the future.