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Initiating Your Deposit

  • Select a subaccount that supports depositing your asset.

  • Click 'Add New Deposit' in the My Subaccounts section or click an asset from 'Available Assets' section on the home page. The available assets are tailored to your subaccount settings.

Deposit Your Asset

  • On the deposit page, select your asset, subaccount, and Risk Pool.

Risk Pools: Risk Pools come in three levels, each reflecting the collateral risk that will be linked to the deposit. Opting for a higher Risk Pool implies taking on more risk with the collateral while potentially enjoying a higher APY. For instance, choosing the High Risk Pool indicates you are willing to support loans backed by riskier collateral assets.

Health Factor: It represents the risk of liquidation for your subaccount, showing how close your account is to reaching the liquidation threshold. Learn more here.

Expiration Date: If the assets in your deposit reach their expiration date, you will no longer be able to make new deposits of that particular asset into the protocol. Learn more here.

  • Input the amount you want to deposit and click “Deposit”. For first-time interactions with an asset, approval is required for token access.

Confirm Transaction

  • Finalize the transaction in your wallet. A ‘Deposit Successful!’ notification will appear once the transaction is successfully processed.


  • Which assets can I deposit into Omni?
    Currently, Omni supports the deposit of the following assets on the Ethereum network.

    Wrapped stETHwstETH
    USD CoinUSDC
    Beta FinanceBETA
    Band ProtocolBAND
    Shiba InuSHIB
  • Can I earn interest from different risk pools than my selected one?
    Absolutely, with certain stipulations. Depositing into a higher-risk pool qualifies you to accumulate interest not only from that pool but also from those with lower risk. On the contrary, if you choose to deposit in a lower-risk pool, your interest earnings are confined to that specific pool and exclude the higher-risk ones. This approach aligns with the preferences of users who opt for lower-risk pools, as they typically seek to avoid exposure to riskier loans.

  • How do I earn interest?
    When you deposit assets into Omni, you receive oTokens in return. These oTokens represent your deposited amount and accumulate interest in real-time. The value of oTokens increases over time as you earn interest. When you withdraw, these oTokens are burned. Learn more about oTokens.

  • What determines the interest rate?
    The interest rate is decided by the designed interest rate model. For more details, check here.