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  • Locate the 'Withdraw' button on the Home, Portfolio, or Analytics page. Clicking it takes you to the Withdraw page.

Withdraw Your Asset

  • Specify the asset, subaccount and amount you wish to withdraw. Remember, if your assets are spread across different Risk Pools, you can only withdraw from one pool at a time.


Consider your Health Factor before withdrawing, especially if the assets are used as collateral. Learn more about Health Factor.

Complete the Transaction

  • Confirm and complete the transaction in your wallet. A ‘Withdraw Successful!’ notification will pop up confirming the successful processing of your transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't I withdraw all my liquidity?
    Inability to withdraw all liquidity often occurs if the funds are currently serving as collateral for a loan. To fully withdraw, you first need to repay your loan. Additionally, there may be circumstances where withdrawal is restricted due to insufficient available liquidity at the time.