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What is E-mode?

  • E-mode, or Efficiency Mode, is a feature that enhances borrowers' ability to utilize their collaterals effectively. It offers improved borrowing power, leading to higher capital efficiency. Once E-mode is activated on a subaccount, it becomes restricted to depositing and borrowing only those assets that are supported in this mode. To access other markets, the user must first exit E-mode.

How to enable E-mode?

  • E-mode is accessible to subaccounts classified as low risk. Before activating E-mode, any existing borrowings on the subaccount must be repaid.

Initiate E-Mode

  • Navigate to the home page and click on the E-mode toggle to start the process.

Choose Your E-Mode Category

  • Select the desired E-Mode category. Be aware that once E-mode is activated, the subaccount will be limited to dealing with assets within that specific category.

Complete the Transaction

  • Proceed to confirm and execute the transaction in your wallet. Upon successful activation, you will see a confirmation notification.

  • In your interface, the borrow section will now display the E-mode toggle as active, indicating that the subaccount has an enhanced borrowing capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the current E-mode categories supported, and how does E-mode enhance borrowing power?
    Omni currently supports two E-mode categories. When E-mode is activated, both the collateral factor and borrow factor are increased, thereby expanding the user's borrowing capacity.

    E-mode CategoryIncluded MarketsEnhanced Collateral FactorEnhanced Borrow Factor
    StablecoinDAI, USDC, USDT0.9750.975
    Eth-CorrelatedETH, wstETH0.9650.965