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Welcome to Omni​

As DeFi investors, we often strive for better returns, enhanced control, and greater flexibility in our financial endeavors. The current landscape of lending platforms, however, presents several challenges:

  • Unfavorable loan configurations
  • Liquidity fragmentation
  • Yield dilution
  • Limited market diversity
  • Restrictive lending and borrowing options

(For an in-depth look at the current protocol limitations, explore our analysis here.)

That’s why Omni has emerged. Omni steps onto the scene as a transformative force, poised to redefine the DeFi space with a money market system that's as dynamic as it is user-centric.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎΒ For Lenders​

  • Personalize your loan risk appetite.
  • Experience zero liquidity fragmentation.
  • Organize your investments using subaccounts for clear, compartmentalized positions.

🀝 For Borrowers​

  • Borrow against a diverse range of collateral types, including long-tail assets like SHIB, stablecoins, LSDs, and more!
  • Enjoy the convenience of borrowing multiple assets simultaneously from a single wallet.

Risk Pools and Risk Grade: A Dual Innovation​

Risk Pools: Empowering Lender Choices

  • Choose your preferred risk level for collateral when making deposits.
  • Earn higher yields by opting for loans backed by riskier collateral.
  • Choose to deposit in high-risk pools for higher APY or opt for low-risk pools for more secure investments.
  • Depositing into a higher-risk pool allows you not only to gain exposure to higher yields but also to benefit from the interest generated by lower-risk pools, ensuring efficient use of capital without fragmentation.

Risk Grade: Borrowing with Any Grade of Assets

  • Each asset is assigned a risk grade based on thorough risk assessment. (For more details, see here).
  • The risk grade influences collateral asset loan configurations, including borrow APY, LTV ratios, liquidation terms, and more.
  • Enables listing of a wide range of assets, from mainstream to long-tail, enhancing capital efficiency even for lesser-known coins.

Additional Features for Enhanced Lending Experience​

  • Gasless Subaccounts: Enable efficient asset management without incurring gas fees.
  • E-Mode: Optimizes your borrowing power with enhanced conditions.

Omni's Unique Features​

  • Collateral Expiration Dates: Timed asset listings to adapt to dynamic market conditions.
  • Dynamic Soft Liquidations: Tailored to cater to the varying risk levels of assets and to ensure capital-efficient liquidations.

Join Omni for a transformative DeFi experience where inclusivity, efficiency, and personalization are at the forefront of your financial journey.